Dr Shari Daniels

Dr Shari Daniels BDSc (Hons) LDS RCSEng DClinDent (Orth) MRACDS (Orth) MOrth RCSEd

Shari has worked exclusively in private practices in Australia, New Zealand and London. She has used multiple orthodontic appliance systems including invisible brace systems. Shari has an interest in facial aesthetics and orthognathic surgery. Shari is completing her Phd studying the effects of using Botulinum Neurotoxin on the masseter and temporalis muscles in combination with Bite Jumping Appliances. She will be talking about the effects and uses of Botulinum toxin in dentistry medicine and orthognathic surgery.

Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A (BoNT/A) - a weapon and a medical wonder!

Botulinum neurotoxin is classified as one of the world’s deadliest biological warfare weapons and yet the medical uses for this toxin grow by the day. This presentation aims to discuss the clinical uses of this drug in dentistry, orthodontics, and research.

Learning Objectives:

Overview of BoNT/A clinical uses in dentistry and orthodontics.

To understand the mode of action of BoNT/A and risks and complications for patients. Overview of the use of BoNT/A as are search too.

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