Our President's Message

Dear Members,

Please see my programme for the forthcoming year and I hope to see you all at as many of the meetings as possible.

I have chosen to remain at the Saville club in Brook Street which I feel is a good venue. The club look after us very well and are always amenable to accommodating our needs which is so helpful to those organising meetings.

I have chosen a variety of subjects and speakers which I hope provides interest to all members whatever their area of Dentistry. Most of the speakers will require no introduction to you and I am most grateful to all of them for agreeing to give up their time to talk to our Society. My non-dental speaker in March is Professor Alistair McGuire is a long standing patient of mine. He is an economist, and is one of the leading authorities in the economics of healthcare funding, an area which affects all of us profoundly, whatever our area of practice, teaching or research.

This year we are due to visit Paris for our joint meeting with the American Dental club of Paris. This meeting is scheduled for Friday January 20th, to enable anyone who wishes, to extend their stay in Paris over the weekend.

We aim as a Society to continue to support scholars who wish to travel to the USA to study, via our educational fund, and if any members know of any potential scholars, do please introduce them to Malcolm Schaller who is Chairman of our educational fund. Malcolm can advise them what support is available. Also both he and other members can provide advice to potential scholars about which programmes to apply for in the USA.

I joined the ADSL in 1984 and have always greatly valued my membership and the friends and colleagues I have met through the Society. As a young dentist arriving back in London from the USA not knowing what to do, I appreciated so much the advice, help and mentoring I received from members of the Society.

I would encourage all younger members (as well as older ones), to attend as many meetings as possible and hope that they will not only get as much out of the society as I have, but also be willing to contribute over the years through their knowledge and by holding office.

I am honoured to be President of the ADSL for the forthcoming year and look forward to seeing you all at our meetings.

Dr Nicholas Capp

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