Our President's Message

Dear Members

I hope you have had a good Summer break and are ready for an Interesting year. I am honoured to be our 110th president for this year taking over from Nick Capp who put together a well organised and interesting program last year. I hope we will all enjoy the new year as much as I did the last.

I have tried to invite a varied and interesting group of speakers to talk to our society. We will kick off with Professor Donald Hudson, an eminent plastic surgeon who has extensive experience working together with Maxillo-Facial Surgeons in the head and neck area. Professor Hudson will be speaking to us about the factors that in our society make people apparently beautiful. It will be of great interest for us to hear from a world authority presenting a view point zoomed out somewhat from  the teeth.

Further lectures will take in a number of specialities. In November Dr Shari Daniels will be presenting a novel and unique use for Botulinum toxin in Orthodontics.

Dr Tony Druttman is an Endodontist with whom I work closely. In December he will be presenting  a lecture exploring a dilemma that regularly confronts us; namely the decision to extract or save a tooth bearing in mind the option of implant replacement. This is both practical and topical and together with presenting data that we can use to make an evidence based decision we will be treated to the results that can be obtained today in challenging cases using modern endodontic techniques, materials and equipment.

This year as is traditional our colleagues from The American Dental Club of Paris will be providing the lecture at the annual joint meeting with the French society which will take place towards the end of January. In February we will host Dr Joe Omar, an anaesthetist who has been working in the West End of London for many years- no doubt with many in our society. Joe is in a unique position to have observed the working habits and systems utilised in a great variety of practices. Something he will be talking to us about during his lecture in February. He is in a unique position to highlight the many good habits and protocols that he has observed. In March it is traditional to have a non-dental subject or speaker.

I have chosen to invite one of our own, Dr Michael Wise, to lecture to us on an interesting non-dental topic. In 2009 Michael acquired a life-threatening illness that resulted in extended and complex treatment. He has written and published a book which details his experience as a long-term patient of a number of medical facilities. His insights into care and caring and the effect disease/treatment has on patients and their families are both interesting, illuminating and useful to professional carers.

I look forward to an interesting and enjoyable year and hope to see you all through the year. Your support of our society is very much appreciated.

Michael Zybutz

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